Level I – Baptism

Level I – Baptism

The Baptism Corner

The Baptism Corner (area)

Whether your atrium is rectangular, L shaped, or another configuration, it is important that the Baptism materials are placed together in a particular area. In their writings, Sofia and Gianna refer to this dedicated area for Baptism, as the Baptism “corner”. There are three free standing pieces: the font, the Paschal candle and lectern with Bible that are proportionate to each other. The Risen Christ may be mounted and free standing or hung on the wall.

The Baptism Corner Materials

The Gospel and the Baptismal Font The Paschal Candle and small lit candles
Baptismal Font

Paschal Candle

White garment

Small individual candles

Shell (for the water)

Holy Bible (with stand)

Holy Chrism

Oil of Catechumens
Baptism Chart (RC)

Articles of Baptism Packet (RC)

Gestures of Baptism (RC) Packet

Baptism Collage

  • Two small chests where small candles and the white garment are kept. Other supplies are also stored there.
  • A lectern (or if your area is smaller, a book stand) for the Gospel
  • A designated space for the Font, the Gospel and the Paschal Candle to remain
  • Space for work and prayer