Our Board

The Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Australia
is governed by a board who are elected at the Annual General Meeting by members of the Association.

Meet our current board members


Veronika Metcalf

Veronika is a Catechist from Perth. She is has been involved with CGS since 2001 and currently serves in the CGSWA Perth Atrium in Morley. Veronika is also a Formation Leader and was the Secretary of the Australian Association prior to being elected to be President of the Board in August 2018.

Anne Del
Vice President

Anne Delsorte

Anne has been involved with the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in Brisbane since 1996. Anne has served as a Formation Leader and Member of the International Council for CGS and currently works with children in the Graceville Atrium in Queensland.


Dianne Bull

Dianne has served for many years as a Catechist and Treasurer of the Graceville Atrium in Queensland. She has held the role of Treasurer of the National Association since 2015.


Angela Hague

Angela serves as a Catechist and Formation Leader working with children in the Chatswood Atrium in Sydney. She began the first Atrium in Sydney in May 2005 and was elected to be Secretary for the National Association in 2018.

Mary H

Mary Hare

Mary served for many years as the President of the Australian National Association and stepped down in 2018. She is currently very involved in the seminal work for the 0-3 Atrium as well as serving as a Formation Leader, Member on the International Council and Catechist to children in the Rosalie Atrium in Queensland.

Anne Di
Executive Committee Chair

Anne Diamond

Anne has been a Catechist since 2001 and serves in the Morley Atrium in Perth. Anne is also a Formation Leader and was elected to the board in 2018. Anne currently oversees the executive group of the Association.


John Corner

John is an Anglican Minister from Queensland who works extensively in Africa as a Missionary spreading The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. He has served on the Board of CGS Australia for many years.


Vincent Bull

Vincent was elected to the Board in 2018 and brings his experience in accounting and small business management to the team. He is married to Dianne one of the Catechists in the Graceville Atrium.