Montessori On Religious Education


This is a compilation of 3 books that Montessori wrote on involving children in the Liturgy and opening the door to the their own religious experience. The first is the original 1929 The Child in the Church compiled by E.M. Standing in collaboration with Montessori. The second is The Life of Christ in the Liturgical Year from 1949, a reprint of the 1931 original. And, the last is The Holy Mass (a sequel to The Mass Explained  to Children, or as Montessori called it The Living Mass for Children). This sequel was compiled by Georgette and Anne-Marie Bernard in 1955 from talks that Montessori gave.  In these books, we see the roots of the  Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, the foundation upon which it was built. It will be must-reading for anyone working with children in the Atrium.
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