Anticipating the Paschal Mystery

Anticipating the Paschal Mystery

What a lovely gathering we had today with many members joining in with with sharing about the children’s responses to the Paschal works we see in Level 1. We can read more about these in “The Good Shepherd and the Child, A Joyful Journey” on pages 80-86.

  • •Celebration of the Beginning of Lent
  • •City of Jerusalem
  • •Last Supper
  • •Mystery of Life and Death
  • •Liturgy of Light
  • •Empty Tomb
  • •Celebration of Pentecost

Perhaps you have more you want to share about working with the children. Or you may wish to share with us a lovely insight the children have shared or you have observed. You may also have a question about presenting these to the children. The comments area below is available for you to use and share together.

If you have a artwork or a longer story you think would be good to share with us please email them to

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  1. An observation: In our atrium we greet the children at the door, often with the sign of peace . Just before they step into the room there is a small San Damiano crucifix.
    The moment they finally ‘see’ it is precious. The ‘seeing’ is often a few weeks after beginning their life in the atrium – so after altar 1 and Sign of the cross. Full of delight they return to the door often, pondering the image and making the sign of the cross in front of it.


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